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The FaceShield® kids is the perfect choice for Kiwi kids. They come in a range of different colours and patterns so we're sure you will find one that your little ones will love. The best thing about these are they are reusable and come with 2 x PM2.5 filters. 

They don’t have to be ugly, cumbersome or stuffy.
Faceshield® combines the talent of skilled technicians, high-spec materials, and a distinctive shape to help minimise the moisture, and keep you from feeling claustrophobic. And with over 10 unique designs you can choose a look you actually want to wear.

Why wear a Faceshield® at all?
Faceshields® are designed to protect others, provide a level of protection for you from others, and create an extra barrier between you and airborne nasties. They can also help calm the nerves of those around you. In times of uncertainty like these, a little calm can go a long way. Faceshields® are now mandatory in any plane travel and are encouraged while out in public. Keep in mind, however, our government has made it clear that wearing one is not a substitute for staying home if you are feeling unwell.